A friend of mine has a Hitachi EX55UR - a nice little excavator imported from Japan via the grey market. A nice machine, but everything is in bloody moonspeak and he didn’t know what the buttons meant.

A bit of scribbling in Google Translate and some polygon-pushing in Blender fixed that. :D

I haven’t enjoyed drawing for the last few months. Don’t feel like I’m getting much out of it - the illusion of life is gone, you know? They’re not characters anymore, just… lines on paper. Trying to draw some familiar things exaggeratedly to get it back, but I’m not really feeling it. Even if this looks good to some of you, parts of it were almost painful for me. Not hard, just..egh. Why.

I need to figure out whats going on with me so I can finish overdue commission. sorry guys, I’m trying. Brain does what it wants sometimes.

lets crawl out of this motivational hole shall we