Draw my Pony OC plz it has a white mane with red highlights and sharp eyes, and his coat is a deep purple (but with some faint blue rings because his grandpa was a Tasmanian zebra). Also are you dead? Please don't be dead I liek your art. Bye!


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Dunno what I did to deserve a follow from a cool guy like you, but thanks!

Because you reblog cool shit. And that makes you a cool guy!

(You here that, internet person? Cool shit. Clicky clicky~)

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I was /foe/’s drawfriend last night.

It was fun.

A friend of mine has a Hitachi EX55UR - a nice little excavator imported from Japan via the grey market. A nice machine, but everything is in bloody moonspeak and he didn’t know what the buttons meant.

A bit of scribbling in Google Translate and some polygon-pushing in Blender fixed that. :D